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Now Showing Through July 17, 2016

Richmond, VA - artspace is pleased to present three new gallery exhibits, featuring a group show by Jennifer L. Hand, Simone Paterson, and Amelia Salisbury, a photography retrospective by Dan Mouer, and work in all media by Richmond Artists. An opening reception will take place on Fourth Friday, June 24, 2016, from 7:00-10:00pm and will be Free and Open to the Public. A closing artist talk will take place Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 2:00pm. This event will also be Free and Open to the Public.

The Main Gallery will show SEW AND SO, a contemporary art exhibition mixing the work of Jennifer L. Hand, Simone Paterson and Amelia Salisbury, all professors from the Virginia Tech School of Arts. Each artist uses the sewing process to inform their art, as well as creative technologies as part of their visual language. The combined work, "brings to mind a quiet contemplation; something that is hand made and joins pieces or fragments together, suggesting a unifying activity. However, sewing can also be done by machine and can incorporate high-end technology for mass production,’ explains Simone Paterson. The title SEW AND SO also references other meanings, according to Patterson. "The phrase 'so and so' implies a forgotten name of an individual. We embrace this meaning as many artists have labored without recognition, particularly female artists. Additionally, the colloquial phrase 'you mean old so-and- so' may also reference a person who is disliked or is considered to have a negative or unfavorable characteristic," she says. The artists are happy to adopt this inference because they feel it empowers them to make the art they want to make. "Sometimes what is considered powerful and meaningful is not necessarily thought of as pretty."

In the Frable Gallery, Helena Davis Gallery and smallspace Gallery, PEOPLE AND PLACES: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM 50 YEARS (1966-2016), Photography Retrospective by Dan Mouer. Mouer’s career in photography began in 1949 when he was 4 years old. His babysitter gave him his first camera – an original Brownie box. By age 10, he was using a root cellar as a darkroom, at age 12 his father gave him a 35mm Argus C-Twenty for his birthday, and at age 14 he had his own real darkroom. In high school he was president of the camera club and official photographer for the school newspaper. In the late 1960s he used the G.I. Bill to get professional training in photography and film production and went on to work as production manager for a radio, television and film company. He later worked as a writer, photographer and managing editor for various print media in New York City before returning to university to pursue a doctorate in anthropology. He has shown his work sporadically throughout his adult life, and since retiring in 2002, has had nine solo or small-group shows and has shown work in dozens of group shows in Central Virginia as well. Having recently started his eighth decade of life, Mouer has begun re-evaluating and consolidating elements of his creative life. "It seemed appropriate to mount something of a retrospective of my work in photography," he says. "As it happens, the vast majority of work I have saved in the form of negatives or transparencies comes from almost exactly the past 50 years, beginning with Kodachromes I carried home with me from my time in Vietnam in 1966-67." He has selected pieces that represent his best work in two main categories: People and Places. Many of his favorite shots of "People" are candid, un-posed portraits of friends, family, and folks he has met in his travels or professional activities. Some are from his occasional venture into "street" photography and are meant to capture expressions, gestures and other components of what Henri Cartier-Bresson called "decisive moments." He has travelled extensively in South and Southeast Asia, Mexico, and the West Indies, and many of the"Places" he exhibits are from these locations. "I have also carried my cameras with me for decades through streets of Richmond, and the countryside of central and eastern Virginia," he says, "so many of my 'Places' aren't quite so exotic. If there is a common theme in the works I wish to exhibit, it is one best expressed by qualities like peacefulness, quietude, relaxation, playfulness, humor, and harmony." Mouer prints his own work on archival-quality paper, mounted without frames using contemporary coating materials, which prevent atmospheric chemicals, dust, and ultraviolet light from degrading the imagery in a work of art.

The Suzanne Foley Gallery will feature OBJECTS MAY APPEAR, works in all media by Richmond artists.

Closing Artist Talk
Sunday, July 17, 2016, 2 pm

Free and Open to the Public

June 24 - July 17, 2016

Sew and So

Jennifer L. Hand, Simone Paterson, Amelia Salisbury

An exhibition highlighting the juxtaposition between craft, drawing and lens/technology-­-based art
Main Gallery

People and Places: Photographs from 50 years (1966-2016)

Dan Mouer

Helena Davis, Frable and smallspace Galleries

Objects May Appear...

Mixed media works by Richmond artists

Suzanne Foley Gallery

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