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Now Showing through April 19, 2015

artspace is pleased to present four new exhibitions opening on Friday, March 27, 2015 from 7-10pm and continuing through Sunday, April 19th, 2015. The Opening Reception is Free and Open to the Public. A free Gallery Talk will be held with the artists on April 19th at 2pm.

Nationally recognized artist Frank Cole presents "Wordless Ocean, Pencil Sky" in our Main and Frable Galleries. Frank Cole will be showing drawings and paintings jointly at Hill Gallery and artspace from March 25th – April 19th. Opening Reception at artspace, Friday, March 27, 7-10PM. Opening Reception at Hill Gallery, Thursday, March 26, 5-8PM.

Cole's shows will consist of approximately fifty paintings and drawings done over the last two years or so. The images are of ocean waves and skies. The titles of each piece are stamped in ink on each piece to allow an accessible entry point to the gestalt of each work. Frank’s use of storm, sunset and sunrise, and wave imagery also suggest the passage of time and the fleeting quality of time. These are images of events that occur every day but are infinitely changing. "I want to respond/paint to these common events and let them tell a story." Frank shares.

Cole holds a BFA from VCU and a Master of Fine Arts from Yale University and has taught drawing, painting, color, and design at Virginia Commonwealth University and Ringling School of Art. His paintings hang in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Portsmouth (VA) Museum, the Federal Reserve Bank, and many private collections.

Susanne K. Arnold presents "Brood Chambers" in our Helena Davis Gallery. For many years now Susanne has been making mixed media objects out of beeswax and salvaged discards from her garden and neighborhood as a means to push the boundaries of her creative ideas, encaustic medium, and process.

Her current bee "brood chamber" series, constructed from layers of fragile organic material, beeswax and encaustic, symbolizes the conflict she sees taking place between nature and civilization and her concern for our fragile environment. Specifically, the brood chambers serve as memento mori for the honeybee "colony collapse syndrome," that threatens our food supply world-wide. The beautiful and solitary nests of the Osmia avoseta bees are the inspiration for her brood chambers. The chambers are empty, signifying both the missing honeybees and hope that the O. avoseta bees can bring regeneration.

Susanne exhibits her work regionally and nationally. Honors include artist residencies sponsored by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation; two Virginia Museum Fellowships and Artist Grants from the Ludwig Vogelstein and Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundations. Solo exhibitions include the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Portsmouth, VA, Museums, Spirit Square Center for the Arts, and Astra Design Gallery. An emeritus member of Art6 Gallery, and 1708 Gallery, artist-run art spaces, Arnold had a solo show at Art6 Gallery in 2007 entitled "Earth Bones."

Anna Bushman and Katie Glusica present "Reversible Perspective" in our smallspace Gallery. This exhibition brings together these two artists in a unique collaborative effort, the heart of which aims to shake out and extend our expectations about the identity and function of both drawing and weaving. The installation presents objects in a situation and form uncommon to their customary identity; like chairs that have escaped their chairness. The work also explores notions of site specificity and responsiveness. The viewer is offered an encounter with an object, a drawing and their mutual regard. This apparently simple affinity between light, space, drawing and object, calls on the viewer in subtle ways to reflect on the impossibility of our achieving a singular or complete sensate experience.

Katie Glusica's woven objects, though executed using the most basic of woven structures, deliver a complex and provocative perceptual experience. The work speaks lavishly to the seen, the sensual, the lived and tangible. Whereas many textiles disguise their structure within an image, these works propose the woven structure itself as the central idea in a larger cross-disciplinary investigation. These works remind us that the language of weaving itself carries complex and fluid metaphorical meaning.

In 2010, Katie Glusica completed an MFA in Fibers at The Savannah College of Art and Design following a BFA in Crafts, with a focus in weaving, from The Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Currently, she repairs and restores antique rugs, weaves, draws, writes and walks under the beautiful oaks and moss of Savannah, GA. Katie has exhibited and sold work at the Smithsonian and Philadelphia Museums of Art craft shows and in galleries and private collections across the country. In 2014 her work was a NICHE Awards finalist and this year look for her paper "The Seen and Unseen: Weaving as a Metaphor for Wave/Particle Duality," which is forthecoming to print in Leonardo the Journal for the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology.

Anna Bushman's drawings begin with observations of simple objects inhabiting every- day spaces; situations we expect we know how to navigate, things we believe we know how to look at. As the drawings evolve, miming the qualities of shadow and the play of light, the physical inspiration recedes in importance. In the end, the viewer is offered pictorial evidences of what was, what is and what might be for a given subject, a woven image that restores namelessness to the banal or otherwise invisible. In so doing, the work creates a heightened sensory self- consciousness and imbues the familiar and invisible with novelty and presence.

Anna Bushman was raised in Virginia and has called Richmond her home for more than a decade. She received a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005, and an MFA in Visual Arts from The Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers in 2011. In addition to an active studio practice, Ms. Bushman has had the good fortune to be able to apply her creative expertise in a variety of other roles. She has designed and taught fine art curriculum to students from early childhood through college, in both formal and informal settings. Until recently, she worked as an educator at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

In the Suzanne Foley gallery "Beats and repeats... an exploration of recurring motifs," work in all media by Richmond artists.

Sunday, April 19, 2015 - 2:00 PM

Artist Talk with March/April Exhibitors
Free and Open to the Public

March 27 - April 19, 2015

Frank Cole

Wordless Ocean, Pencil Sky

Paintings and Drawings

Main and Frable Galleries
  • The Cole Mind | Former Richmond painter Frank Cole returns to town with a starkly apocalyptic vision. by Edwin Slipek

  • Susanne K. Arnold

    Brood Chambers

    Mixed media objects

    Helena Davis Gallery

    Anna Bushman & Katie Glusica

    Reversible Perspective

    Multi-media site specific installation

    smallspace Gallery

    Beats and repeats... an exploration of recurring motifs

    Mixed media works by Richmond artists

    Suzanne Foley Gallery

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