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'Excalibur' Mixed media and found object on sail cloth, by KonKons

Bid here: (starting bid $300)

Mixed media and found object on sail cloth
48 x 36 inches
Retail Value: $600
The artist is donating 60% of proceeds from sale of this work

The devotion to experimentation and originality is crucial to our art educators' mission. Fascinated by the powerful sources of nature, we embrace the concept of harbor in romance, of set sails from the city to the wilderness, a voyage every Impressionist could find spirit within. Consistently charged with the beat of the ocean waves, the sparkles of sea salt and wrinkled by the stormy winds, our body of art aims to deliver this freshness to the audience. In our recent works we traded our typical splashy blobs of color for more figurative suggestions, but the subject is still devoid of features. The mixed media layers of brush strokes and colors create an agitating dive into and out of the panting, significantly empowered by the use of KonKons signature material- weathered sailcloth. It conveys the elegant tone of an ancient sailorís song and the hope that love could survive any disaster.

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