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Exhibition Guidelines

All artists who have been selected for exhibition at artspace must observe the following guidelines in presenting and hanging their show. The purpose of the guidelines is not to enforce uniformity, but to create an aesthetic consistency and a professional atmosphere of quality and attention to detail. We recognize that, depending on the nature of the works exhibited, certain of the guidelines may not apply. If you anticipate that your show will require departure from the guidelines, you must discuss this with the artspace Exhibition Committee before hanging the show. If you seek guidance on hanging the show, feel free to contact your artspace Liaison or artspace's Exhibition Committee for suggestions. (See Contract for your Liaison and the Exhibition Committee contacts).

The art works presented must be consistent, in nature and in quality, with the works presented in the exhibition proposal. If, in artspace's sole judgment, they are not consistent, artspace reserves the right to cancel that artist's show. artspace also reserves the right to cancel the exhibition if, in its judgment, the guidelines below have not been followed. Cancellation may occur as late as the day the show is scheduled to open.

1. Uniqueness of Show. The body of work in the exhibition should not be work that has been previously exhibited in Richmond or the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area. artspace's mission is to bring new work to the area, not work previously shown. Work exhibited should have been completed within the last 5 years of exhibition date unless the proposal is for a retrospective.

2. Gallery Usage. It is the policy of artspace that all galleries will be in use each month. Any exception to this policy requires approval by the Exhibition Committee. Artists may not unilaterally elect to leave a gallery empty.

3. Gallery Fee. No fees to exhibit. $30 application fee required to apply.

4. Insurance. artspace’s insurance policy provides a maximum of $50,000 ($500 deductible) for property damage, with the insurer to determine value. (We do not carry Fine Arts coverage, which is prohibitively expensive.) Should damage occur, the $500 deductible would be the artist’s responsibility, unless otherwise recoverable from the responsible party or his insurer. This coverage only applies while work is at the gallery. artspace is not responsible for the cost of shipping work, insurance on work while in transit, or travel expenses associated with exhibitions.

5. artspace Liaison. Each show is assigned an artspace Liaison who is a member of artspace. If one of the exhibitors is an artspace member, that person is the Liaison. The Liaison is available to answer questions at any time after you have been placed on artspace's exhibition schedule. When the show is being hung, the Liaison will provide access to the gallery or make arrangements for access.

6. Publicity. Each artist is responsible for submitting publicity information to the artspace Administrator for use in publicizing the show. This information will be used for preparing press releases to the local media and for inclusion on the gallery's website, direct emails and online calendars. Submit images and text to the gallery administrator at artspaceorg@gmail.com. Information and images for publicity are due to artspace two months before the opening.

7. Show Invitation. Exhibiting artists can produce a show card of their own design at their own expense. The artspace logo should appear on the card along with the dates of your exhibition and our address as follows: artspace, zero east 4th street, richmond, va 23224 804-232-6464 / artspacegallery.org / artspaceorg@gmail.com open noon – 4 pm, tuesday - sunday

8. Information on the Artist. Visitors are often interested in learning more about the artists. Exhibitors are also expected to make information about themselves available for visitors. This may be as simple as a resume with current address and phone number, or as elaborate as a notebook containing artist's statements, reviews, brochures, lists of other exhibits, etc.

9. Hanging and Taking Down Show. In the Exhibition Contract, each exhibitor is given precise dates for his or her show, the date of the opening and the dates for hanging the show and taking it down. Works may not be removed from the gallery until the end of the show. Work should be removed from the gallery immediately after take down unless prior arrangements have been made for pick up or return shipping. Any artwork that remains at artspace after 30 days from the close of the show will become the property of the gallery.

10. Presentation of Artwork. All artwork must be presented in a professional manner, e.g., any frames, matting, pedestals, etc. must be acceptable to artspace and must present the works in a manner that is consistent with the artist's exhibition proposal. The installation of work should be secure if hung on the wall and stable if 3-dimensional or an installation to protect the work and visitors to the gallery. artspace may request that an installation be modified if to avoid damage to work or injury to a viewer. No substances should be applied to the walls or floors of the gallery that may cause damage or difficulty in re-covering, especially including: Sharpie or magic markers, oil or enamel paints, oil pastels, spray paints, crayons, Velcro and most sticky tapes (except tapes specifically designed for use on drywall). If video is included as part of the exhibition, the artist is responsible for providing the equipment to professionally present the video piece.

11. Price List/Inventory for the Show. Artists are responsible for providing a price list identifying the works by number, title, size, media and price. A minimum of 100 copies should be available in the gallery for the opening and visitors’ use throughout the show. This list should be available by noon on Thursday, the day before the opening. artspace will provide numbers for the wall to identify the work on the price list. Labels can be used for group exhibitions. Please review the format of the labels with the exhibition Liaison.

12. Works for Sale. The majority of the work must be for sale in each show, unless otherwise approved. It is recommended that no less than half of the works be offered for sale. A price list must be available listing all works shown. If certain works are not for sale, "NFS" may be used. If "POR" (Price on Request) is used, artspace must be notified of the price for the work prior to the show so that it can respond to a request, if made. The artist must provide an insurance value for all exhibited work.

13. Opening Reception. Artists are responsible for food (not beverages) for the opening reception - to be split between co-exhibitors each month. Catering options are available. artspace will provide a cash bar.

14. Artist Talk. The gallery encourages artists to speak about their work, typically at the close of the show at 2 pm before taking down. Artists are not required to participate.

15. Gallery Damage. Exhibitions may not damage the gallery. Ordinary wear and tear as a result of the show (e.g., holes in walls for hanging, debris and dirt from installations, etc.) must be repaired by the exhibiting artist after the exhibition is removed and prior to installation of the next exhibit. artspace will provide the materials for repair and clean up.

16. artspace's Commission. artspace receives a commission on all sales made as a result of the show, even if they occur after the show. In other words, if the purchaser sees a work in the show and decides to purchase it within the three months following the show, artspace should receive its agreed-upon commission (45% of the sale price for non-member exhibitors; 25% for member exhibitors). Any known violation of this policy will result in the artist's losing future exhibition privileges at artspace.

17. Costs to artspace. If the artist's failure to follow any of the above guidelines results in additional expense to artspace, artspace will bill the artist accordingly. The artist's full inventory of artwork will not be released to the artist until the bill is paid.

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