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Temporary adddress:
2101 Maywill St., Richmond, VA 23230
Currently open by appointment only
artspaceorg@gmail.com | (804) 232-6464

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Artist Membership Application Form

Temporary adddress: 2101 Maywill St., Richmond, VA 23230
Currently open by appointment only | Contact: artspaceorg@gmail.com | (804) 232-6464
Reopening Fall 2021 at 2833-A Hathaway Rd., Richmond, VA 23225 in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center

Artspace is a non-profit gallery for the visual and performing arts, supported and operated by its membership. Membership categories for artists include Artist Member, Supporting Artist Member, Performing Artist Member (new candidates are recommended by current Artist Members and voted on by the present membership - application form not necessary) and On-Leave Artist Member (available for current membership only - application form not necessary). Definitions of these membership categories and the privileges and responsibilities of each are detailed in the "Artspace Membership Categories". Undergraduates are not eligible for membership.

All new artist applicants are required to submit an artist statement, digital images or printed photos and original works. Links to your website(s) or social media accounts may be included but are not required. These items will be subject to a review, discussion, and vote by the current artist members. Applicants have the option of presenting their work in person at a regularly scheduled meeting (2nd Thurs. of the month) subject to approval by the Executive Committee. A list of images should include your name, file names or photo numbers, title of works, years of creation, mediums and sizes. If providing printed photos you may include this information on the back sides of the photos themselves. All original artwork should include a label with artist's name.

To apply for an artist membership at Artspace, please fill out the following form and include it with your submission for membership. Deliver all submission items to the gallery during regular business hours or by appointment. No fee is required to apply for membership; however your first month's dues (based on the membership category you select) are expected to be paid at the first meeting you attend after acceptance. If you are not selected as an artist member at this time, you may reapply after one year from the date of your initial application and once a year thereafter.

PLEASE NOTE: Your submission materials must be picked up at Artspace during gallery hours within two weeks of notification of the results of your membership application. Artspace will not be responsible for submissions left at the gallery after that time. You can expect to be notified of Artspace's decision within a week of the membership's vote.

Revised on December 31, 2017

Name:  ___________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

Phone: (w) ________________________ (h) __________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________

Which artist membership category are you applying for?

____ On-Leave Artist Member (only signature and date required)

____ Artist Member ____ Supporting Artist Member ____ Performing Artist Member

Please place an "X" next to the items submitted and
provide any additional information requested:

____ images (minimum 6 recommended) How many? ______

____ original works (3 recommended) How many? ______

   Mediums and approximate sizes of original artwork:



If your works require special care or handling, please explain on a separate sheet of paper.
(NOTE: special arrangements can be made if your work is large or difficult to transport.)

____ artist statement (required)
   Would you like to present your work and ideas in person to the membership?

   ___ YES ___ NO

____ resume or other biographical information

____ list of images submitted

____ website address(s)



____ other (please describe)



__________________________________   _____________________
Artist Signature                     Date of Application

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