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MAR / APR   2008 
Artspace National Juried
Printmaking & Photography Exhibition 2008
Juror: Brooks Johnson
Curator of Photography and 21st-Century Art, Chrysler Museum of Art

March 28 through April 20
Entire Gallery
Artspace Gallery is pleased to announce the selection of exhibition juror, Brooks Johnson, Curator of Photography and 21st-Century Art, Chrysler Museum of Art for its first national exhibition - the Artspace National Juried Printmaking and Photography Exhibition 2008.


Chet Morrison

Second Place:

Christine Carr

Third Place:

Henryk Fantazos

Fourth Place:

Rick Perez

Mark Abrahamson
Stanwood, WA

This image is from my new series Global Warming: An American Perspective and deals with fossil fuels.

Lindsay Appel
Atlanta, GA

Courtney Barr
Greenville, NC

Andrew Blanchard
Spartanburg, SC

"Between Water and Rails" is an homage to my birthplace - the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. There, I lived one block from the beach and one block from the railroad tracks. As a young boy, these locations provided me with countless adventures, a keen sense of my habitat, and - most importantly - a source for the images I utilize today as a man.

Dustyn Bork
Monroe, MI

Douglas Bosley
Bothell, WA

I depict the future in order to speak about the present; not to implicate technology, but instead question the ever more complicated and intelligent environments humans have been constructing for themselves and the ideologies which have evolved parallel to them.

David Bromley

This piece is a tribute to the great whimsical imaginations of Henri Rousseau and Pablo Picasso.

Deborah Bryan
Johnson City, TN

Eric Cain
Chicago, IL

Second Place:

Christine Carr
Roanoke, VA

Christine Carr
Roanoke, VA

Carlie Collier
Richmond, VA

During the last few years I have been working on a series of reflections in water. I think of the resulting images as "water paintings," a fusion of water and light. They offer ever-changing abstractions, shimmering shadows, translucent color, rich layering and the opportunity to see something in a new way.

Ann Coppage

Damian Cote
Holyoke, MA

Pat Cresson
Freehold, NJ

Gary Day
Omaha, NE

The image was modeled using 3D Studio Max and then printed using traditional copper photogravure technique.

Anca Dobrian
Norfolk, VA

Salk Institute in San Diego, CA. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine asked architect Louis Kahn to build an institute where Picasso would have liked to work as a scientist. A true pilgrimage place for scientists around the world. A beautiful marriage between the geniuses in art and science.

Shawn Eisenach
Santa Rosa, CA

David L. Everette
Richmond, VA

Third Place

Henryk Fantazos
Hillsborough, NC

Henryk Fantazos
Hillsborough, NC

Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman
Richmond, VA

Morgan Ford
Denton, TX

Oscar Jay Gillespie
Peoria, IL

Jon Goebel
Bluffton, SC

Printmaking artist Jon Goebel utilizes a combination of satire and humor in his etching, Decadent and Serendipitous. The print is part of a series titled High Society which highlights candid moments of druken aristocratic achievement. Goebel is cofounder of the Bastards of Print Society and Assisant Professor of Art at the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

Dave Hammaker
East Freedom, PA

Archival pigment (K3) on 100% cotton rag paper.

Sarah Hazlegrove
Roanoke, VA

Bus Stop II is part of a larger body of work called "Other Places." All of the photographs in this series are of buildings, of one sort or another. Each odd building finds itself in a surreal landscape where nature is monsterous.

Yuji Hiratsuka
Corvallis, OR

Stephanie Hunder
St. Paul, MN

Thomas C. Jackson
Cedar Rapids, IA

I strive to make relevant, memorable American images that make people think. I am interested in reflecting the mood and feeling of our era. My sometimes voyeuristic, broken-narrative compositions reflect America's channel-changing attention span and state of mind. I strive for ambiquity to increase the number of viewer interpretations.

Louis Joyner
Richmond, VA

"Statehouse, Annapolis" is from an ongoing series, Shadowing History, which posits that history is both the hard reality of fact and the constantly shifting interpretation of that reality.

Marjorie Kay
Mancos, CO

Dave Kendrick
Rehoboth, MA

From the series, Greenhouse Effect.

Stephanie Knopp
Philadelphia, PA

Jason Kofke
Atlanta, GA

Everything I create is titled "Everything Will Be OK." This is an articulation of a conceptual philosophy about potential and failure for The Future in relation to The Past.

Jack Kramer
Frederick, MD

Irina Lawton
Plantation, FL

This image belongs to a project entitled "Wondering about Pictorialism," and is an attempt to explore the sensibility and techniques of the pictorial aesthetics movement.
All images are taken with a meniscus lens and printed using a modern photogravure technique - solor plate.

Susan Legge

Jeanne Lorenz
Canyon, CA

Clay McGlamory
Norfolk, VA

This print is from a recent series emphasizing motion, photographed while I am moving either in a car, a subway, or a bicycle, etc. These works comment on the high-speed lives most of us lead and continue my ongoing explorations with color, form and surface.

Julie Meridian
Evanston, IL

Lexie Moreland
Washington, DC


Chet Morrison
Dallas, TX

Chet Morrison
Dallas, TX

Alison Overton
Raleigh, NC

Betty Scott Owen
Norfolk, VA

This window was photographed on a side street in the ancient walled city of Lucca, in Tuscany, Italy.
Camera: Nikon D70 - Print: Digital on Epson Enhanced Mat Paper

Fourth Place

Rick Perez
New York, NY

Woods Pierce
Staunton, VA

Cross-Processed Transparency Film, Digital C-Print

Matt Rebholz
Austin, TX

Shane Rocheleau
Richmond, VA

I create my portraits using a two-way mirror. I observe my subjects. My subjects observe only themselves. In the resultant photographs, I see the human struggle between self and other, between within and without.

Virginia Saunders
Columbia, SC

"Passages" is based on a series of high res (12.8 megapixel, raw format) digital photographs shot in Milan, Italy. The image is comprised of 26 layers.

Danielle Shaheen

John Shuptrine
Lynchburg, VA

John Shuptrine has been watching magic appear in darkroom trays for over 30 years. He is primarily self-taught and film based, using large format equipment. He specializes in landscapes (both natural and urban) and close-up abstracts. He lives in Lynchburg, VA.

Anna Morales Simson
Alameda, CA

Maureen M. Snyder
Nokomis, FL

This is a techinque I have developed printing my digital photos on silk fabric and hand beading and embroidering giving a 3-dimensional look to the artwork.

Susan Soper
Clayton, NC

Zach Stensen
Iowa City, IA

My current work focuses on the ideas of hidden complexities and relationships existing beyond our human senses and perceptions. It is not intended to reveal truth that can be verified by science or mathematics, but instead depict and investigation of the visual world through the eyes of an artist.

Catherine M. Stewart
Vancouver, BC

This is one of a series which pairs images of the human body with those of a variety of zoological specimens. The artist's intention is to evoke a sense of empathetic connection between Homo Sapiens and other species and remind us of our mutual vulnerabilities in a rapidly changing global environment.

Gary W. Vann
Freson, CA

"Shadows of the Night" is a print from the City at Night portfolio. The photography deals with interesting forms and shadows, created by various urban lighting. The storyline reflects the impact of man on his environment. In this case, graffiti has been covered by a department of the municipal government, providing a camouflaged war-like appearance to the urban landscape.

David Williams
Flagstaff, AZ

Life is full of unexpected moments. You're anticipating bubbles and you get jellyfish.

Brooks Johnson is the Curator of Photography and 21st-Century Art at the Chrysler Museum of Art. He has directed the growth of the museum collection to approximately 4,000 objects spanning the entire history of photography, organized more than 100 exhibitions, and has published more than two dozen books and catalogues. Johnson has been employed by the Chrysler Museum since 1977 and holds the M.A. degree, from Old Dominion University, and a B.F.A. degree, from The Maryland Institute, College of Art, in Baltimore. He is a graduate of Museum Management Institute, a program of the J. Paul Getty Trust, and attended the Parsons/New School for Social Research Summer Photography Program, in Arles, France. Johnson has served as a panelist/reviewer for the National Endowment for the Humanities, Virginia Commission for the Arts, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, Houston FotoFest, PhotoAmericas, and the Friends of Photography, San Francisco. He is on the staff of the Truth With A Camera workshop, held annually at the Chrysler Museum since 2000.

Cash prizes over $1,000 will be awarded solely at the discretion of the exhibition juror. Recognition of work by Mr. Johnson may also be designated as Honorable Mention(s) to the extent he deems appropriate. These designations do not include a cash prize. Certificates of achievement will be presented to all the award-winning artists.

Email: anjppe@gmail.com
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