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June 26 - July 19, 2020

Laurie Hoen – "What Lies Beneath Our Wings?"

Allegories in Oil Paintings
Frable Gallery

Virtual Opening, Friday, June 26, 7 pm
featuring a livestream video of the exhibition on Facebook

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'How Do We Start This Discussion' Oil on Panel, 30 x 30 inches, by Laurie Hoen

How Do We Start This Discussion
Oil on Panel
30 x 30 inches

Artist Statement

My art is idea driven, combining simple, easy to read images that, when layered rhythmically or symbolically, add meaning to each other. I'm asking questions about social justice and environmental stewardship, exploring what is in the shadows of belief rather than settling on the high contrasts of our contemporary society. Not all questions demand answers, but they do invite us to think. My work asks if our disquiet over racism, climate change, violence or social injustice can be shaped into a concrete image of our personal involvement in social change. I investigate the objective and subjective character of our relationship with nature and each other. To construct a visual allegory which informs the image, I photograph symbolic objects in my studio or in nature and combine them with images of birds or animals in digital compositions. These inspire the paintings which are made with traditional oil techniques.

Laurie Hoen


Laurie Hoen is an artist and educator living in Richmond, Virginia. Her recent Allegorical Series has been featured in exhibitions in Maryland, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia, winning several awards. Hoen comes to her studio after working as a documentary film producer, as a professional chef, and as a high school visual arts teacher. She has lived in Michigan, Oregon, Texas and Virginia and holds degrees in Communications, Education, and Fine Arts. Each stop along her personal journey has provided valuable lessons in building things from scratch, appreciating beauty where she finds it, and using every tool at hand to make personal connections. When not in the studio, she enjoys camping, canoeing and music of all kinds.

'We'll Get There Together,' Oil on Panel, 48 x 48 inches, by Laurie Hoen

We'll Get There Together
Oil on Panel
48 x 48 inches

'The Constellation of Our Grief,' Oil on Panel, 30 x 30 inches, by Laurie Hoen

The Constellation of Our Grief
Oil on Panel
30 x 30 inches

'Send These,' Oil on Panel, 30 x 30 inches,  by Laurie Hoen

Send These
Oil on Panel
30 x 30 inches

'Borderline Separation Anxiety,' Oil on Panel, 32 x 48 inches, by Laurie Hoen

Borderline Separation Anxiety
Oil on Panel
32 x 48 inches

'River Mourning,' Oil on Panel, 45 x 30 inches, by Laurie Hoen

River Mourning
Oil on Panel
45 x 30 inches

'All Bets Are Off,' Oil on Panel, 30 x 30 inches, by Laurie Hoen

All Bets Are Off
Oil on Panel
30 x 30 inches

Website: HoenFineArts.com

Artwork is available for purchase from our online store. Click here.

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