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December 2, 8pm

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  • Zinphora Doesn't Tell
    Performances January 25-27, 2001 at Grace Street Theatre Richmond, VA

    COMAD (Collaborators of Music and Dance) was created by the artists Joshua Camp, Barbara Grubel and Michael Hearst. The artists are interested in creating a foundation for the collaboration of live music and dance performances.

    In the fall of 1999 the first collaboration occurred between One Ring Zero (Michael Hearst & Joshua Camp) and the choregrapher Brabara Grubel. Ms. Grubel was invited to show a "work in progress" at the prestigious Danspace at St. Mark's Church in New York City. With music by One Ring Zero, the eleven-minute work in progress Zinphora Doesen't Tell was performed to a full house. In the discussion afterwards the audience provided intelligent rave reviews of the work.

    The proposed concerts at the Grace Street Theater featuring the choreography of Brabara Grubel and the music of One Ring Zero is a new project. Zinphora Doesn't Tell will be a full evening of music and dance. There will be two dance works in the evening along with music sets by One Ring Zero. Zinphora goes to the Tranz Party, will be a solo for Ms. Grubel developed with movement improvisations from the composers, Joshua Camp and Michael Hearst. Ms. Grubel is interested in having the musicians be a part of the composition of the work. The artists will spend time in the studio writing and improvising on various individual idiosyncrasies of their day to day existence. Through the composers movement experience they will have a unique perspective in creating a new score for the work. The artists are open to the possibility of the composers doing movement sequences with the choreographer/performer during the performance.

    The group work Zinphora Doesn't Tell, explores the underlying darkness behind the veils of public and private behavior. The complex movement abstractions, performed by the eight dancers, will mirror the dialogue between the evil and gracious self. Ms. Grubel is interested in unveiling conducts that are often kept hidden from the audience; the dancer fixing her costume, showing the performance anxiety, and within our public domain, revealing those nasty habits we often think others do not see or feel. Ms. Grubel will create an atmosphere where audience members may humor themselves, yet see the dark side of these revealing behaviors. The edgy and humorous work by One Ring Zero will enhance this environment.

    Ms. Grubel spent the summer in New York City teaching in Dance Space Studio's Guest Artist Program. While in NYC she rehearsed with five professional dancers. In the fall, she will work with four VCU dancers. The performance at Grace Street Theatre will be a culmination of these two rehearsal periods. During both rehearsal periods the composers will be creating an original score.

    This project wil bring two disciplines together, and through the composing and rehearsing process, we will learn to work in a mutual language, commmon to both fields of expertise. For the music ensemble One Ring Zero, this project will lead to new territory, both in a performance sense as well as an artistic sense, challenging abilities to work in a larger, multidisciplinary context.

    Using a professional public venue for this collaboration will further enhance the already growing reputations of these artists. In the process and product of the endeavor the artists hope to bridge the gap between Richmond and NYC. Both of the two composers and the choreographer share their time between NYC and Richmond, Va. It is important for NYC artists to share their experiences with other societies and vice versa.

    COMAD is committed to the exchange of artistic information received through this project with performing arts schools and universities.


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