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Artists, there's still time to participate:
Prospectus and Confirmation Form
Once you've confirmed participation, use the Artwork Submission Form to provide information about your art. After completion, please print out to label your work.



Richmond, VA – artspace opens the tenth installment of the ever-popular Biennial Miniature International Invitational, ThinkSmall10, on Friday, November 8. 2019 from 6 - 9 pm. The Opening Reception is Free and Open to the Public. Live music by Heavy Shtetl. A Preview Gala will take place on Thursday, November 7, 2019 from 6 - 9 pm. Patrons who want to be among the first to select from the hundreds of miniature pieces of artwork offered for sale with prices ranging from $50 to $400 will enjoy this event. Live music by Back Seat Drivers. Tickets for the Preview Gala are $25. ThinkSmall10, showing in all the galleries of artspace, 0 East 4th Street, Richmond, VA, will be open to the public from Friday, November 8, 2019 through Sunday, December 15, 2019.

About the show: ThinkSmall has been a Richmond favorite for both artists and patrons since its inception in 2001. The invitational takes place every two years and features artwork in a diverse range of styles and media, all available for purchase. Hundreds of artists eagerly take the challenge to create work that fits within the 3x3x3 inch maximum dimensions. Many of the participating artists are local to the Richmond area, but work is submitted from throughout the region, across the United States and Internationally. Each year the gallery posts an online catalog of the artists with images of their work. This year's catalog, along with links to our previous installments of the exhibition, is available on the ThinkSmall10 web page at: www.artspacegallery.org/ts10

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 12-4pm. The gallery is also open by appointment. For additional information, please contact the Exhibition Curator, Santa De Haven at santa53@hotmail.com or the Gallery Administrator at artspaceorg@gmail.com, or phone the gallery at 804-232-6464. The gallery is located in the Plant Zero Art Center at Zero East 4th Street in Richmond, Virginia 23224, with an additional door located at 31 East 3rd Street, and online at www.artspacegallery.org

>> ThinkSmall10 News Release (PDF)

Read the prospectus: (PDF)

Artists, there's still time to participate:
Prospectus and Confirmation Form
Once you've confirmed participation, use the Artwork Submission Form to provide information about your art. After completion, please print out to label your work.

Previous Think Small! Exhibitions

2017 - TS9!

2015 - TS8!

2013 - TS7!

2011 - TS6!

2009 - TS5!

2007 - TS4!

2005 - TS3!

2003 - TS2!

2001 - TS1!


biennial international miniature invitational exhibition

November 8 through December 15, 2019

OPENING NOVEMBER 8, 2019, 6-9pm - FREE

Music by Heavy Shtetl

Gala Preview Event, Thursday, November 7th, 6-9pm
BUY NOW: Tickets available in advance online or at the door: $25
Music By Back Seat Drivers
Discounted tickets for Preview Gala are available to participating artists. Contact the gallery for the discount code if purchasing online.

ThinkSmall! is a Major Fundraising Event for artspace, curated by Santa De Haven.
This exhibition is the 10th installment in the series and features hundreds of artists from Richmond and beyond -- regional, national and international -- with a gallery full of mini-masterpieces on view.

Main, Frable, Helena Davis and Suzanne Foley Galleries

Participating Artists - check back for updates

Abby Davis, Bon Air, VA

Adam Bradley, Springfield, VA

Akiko Tanaka, Hampton, VA

Alan A. Rudnick, Richmond, VA

Alan D Entin, Richmond, VA

Alice Anne Ellis, Glen Allen, VA

Alicia K. Ludwig, Henrico, VA

Amelia Blair Langford, Richmond, VA

Amie Oliver, Richmond, VA

Andras Kecskes, Budapest, Pest, Hungary

Andrea Haffner, Ojai, CA

Andrew Swartz, Richmond, VA

Angela Koslow, Richmond, VA

Angelina Chay, Richmond, VA

Anita Storino, Richmond, VA

Ann Bridges, Tempe, AZ

Ann Chenoweth, St. Stephens Church, VA

Ann Rudy, Richmond, VA

Anne Hart Chay, Richmond, VA

Anne Savedge, North Chesterfield, VA

Anne Wrinn, Richmond, VA

Annette Norman, Richmond, VA

Aubrey Walker, Powhatan, VA

Audrey Skeen, Midlothian, VA

Beth Beaven Jasper, Henrico, VA

Beth Thomas, Richmond, VA

Beth Younger, North Chesterfield, VA

Bizhan Khodabandeh, Richmond, VA

Blackboards Prime, Richmond, VA

Blythe King, Richmond, VA

Bonnie Nelms, Richmond, VA

Brian C. Walker, Richmond, VA

Bridget Camden, Richmond, VA

Brigette Newberry, Richmond, VA

Brittany Covington, Richmond, VA

Brooke Neer, North Chesterfield, VA

Carl Patow, Richmond, VA

Carlton Gunn, Richmond, VA

Carrie Morris, Richmond, VA

Carson Whitmore, Durham, NC

Cary Loving, Richmond, VA

Caryl Burtner, Richmond, VA

Cecilia Lewis, Richmond, VA

Charles Philip Brooks, Rocky Mount, NC

Cheryl Dillard, Richmond, VA

Chris McDaniel, Stanardsville, VA

Chris Semtner, Bon Air, VA

Chris Stephens, Front Royal, VA

Chrissy Baucom, Richmond, VA

Christine Kingston, Richmond, VA

Chuck Scalin, Richmond, VA

Cindy Gantnier, Richmond, VA

Claire Kunz, Richmond, VA

Colin Ferguson, Richmond, VA

Cynthia Erdahl, Richmond, VA

Cynthia Cornett, Mechanicsville, VA

Dale Keator, Richmond, VA

Dan Mouer, Richmond, VA

Dana DuMont, Richmond, VA

Dana Frostick, Richmond, VA

Daniel J. Goodwin, Hampton, VA

David Bromley, North Chesterfield, VA

David R. White, Richmond, VA

Dawn Vass, North Chesterfield, VA

Dean Peterson, Salisbury, MD

Debbie Quick, Richmond, VA

Debra Howard, Lady's Island, SC

Diana Thompson Vincelli, Henrico, VA

Dipasquale, Richmond, VA

Dolly Holmes, Petersburg, VA

Donna Frostick, Henrico, VA

Douglas D'Urso, Richmond, VA

Durwood Dommisse, Richmond, VA

Ed Holten, North Chesterfield, VA

Ed Tepper, Glen Allen, VA

Eka Maraneli, Newton, MA

Ekaterina Beletskaya, Richmond, VA

Elaine Rogers, Henrico, VA

Elizabeth Meggs, Brooklyn, NY

Emma Lou Martin, Richmond, VA

Emma Scarvey, Richmond, VA

Erek Jones, Richmond, VA

Eric Knight, Richmond, VA

Erin Willett, Richmond, VA

Erlene Hendrix, Chesterfield, VA

Francesca Falvo, Annandale, VA

Gail Butler, Chesterfield, VA

Gail Litton, Chesterfield, VA

Gary Colson, Culpeper, VA

Glenda M. Creamer, New Kent, VA

Grant Wiggins, Tempe, AZ

Gwen Parker, Richmond, VA

Haylie Zapantis, Mechanicsville, VA

Heather Lewis, Carrboro, NC

Helene Ruiz , Mechanicsville, VA

Henrietta Near, Richmond, VA

Holly Smith, Powhatan, VA

Ian Glass, Richmond, VA

Ingrid Bernhardt, Richmond, VA

Jamie Douglas, Richmond, VA

Jane Perkins, Henrico, VA

Jane Thompson, Charlottesville, VA

Jane Vaught, Richmond, VA

Janet Scagnelli, Richmond, VA

Janet Visser, Midlothian, VA

Janis O'Grady, North Chesterfield, VA

Janneke Kotte, Richmond, VA

JC Gilmore-Bryan, Richmond, VA

Jeannie Wermuth, Henrico, VA

Jeffery M. Leving, Chicago, IL

Jenna Guthrie, Richmond, VA

Jennifer Hancock, Richmond, VA

Jennifer Yane, Henrico, VA

Jere Kittle, North Chesterfield, VA

Jessica Bratton, Elizabeth City, NC

Jessica Burke (J.B.), Charlotte, NC

Jessica Martinkosky, Bridgewater, VA

Jessica L. Sims, Richmond, VA

Jim Black, Midlothian, VA

Jim Pearson, Lawrenceville, IL

Johannah Willsey, Richmond, VA

John Birch, Richmond, VA

John Bryan, Richmond, VA

Jordan Weaver, Brooklyn, NY

Juan Aponte, Hopewell, VA

Jude Schlotzhauer, Mechanicsville, VA

Judith Anderson, Richmond, VA

Judith FAE Brown, Richmond, VA

Judith Trott Guy, Richmond, VA

Julia E Pfaff, Richmond, VA

Julie Lee Williams, Virginia Beach, VA

Julie Wolfe, Midlothian, VA

K Winters, Ashland, VA

Karen Shaw, Holmes, NY

Katherine Diuguid, Mooresville, NC

Katherine Sobba Green, Fredericksburg, VA

Kathleen Markowitz, Henrico, VA

Kathleen Westkaemper, Richmond, VA

Katy Becker, Richmond, VA

Kay Franz, Richmond, VA

Keith Long, New York, NY

Keithley Pierce, Richmond, VA

Kelly Johnston, Chapel Hill, NC

Kelly K Johnston, Chesterfield, VA

Kelly U Johnson, Richmond, VA

Kendra Dawn Wadsworth, Richmond, VA

Ken Hamilton, Richmond, VA

Kimlieu Nguyen, Alexandria, VA

Konstantina KonKon, Tappahannock, VA

KonKons, Tappahannock, VA

Laura Minning, Richmond, VA

Laura Sherrill Ligon, Reminderville, OH

Lauren Cifranic, North Chesterfield, VA

Lauren Scavo-Fulk, Delmont, PA

Laurie Carnohan, Richmond, VA

Lela Kometiani, Charlotte, NC

Leslie Banta, Staunton, VA

Lewis Bailes, Richmond, VA

Linda Atkinson, Fincastle, VA

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Richmond, VA

Linda Lowery, Alexandria, VA

Lindsay J. Coffey, Hood, VA

Lisa Lezell Levine, Richmond, VA

Lissa Halliday, Richmond, VA

Lou Ann Kemp Daniel, Chesterfield, VA

Lou Haney, Charlottesville, VA

Lydia Marek, Richmond, VA

Lynda Ray, Richmond, VA

Maiya M Lonesome, New Market, MD

Margaret Bates, Richmond, VA

Margaret Buchanan, Richmond, VA

Margaret Huber, Richmond, VA

Marian G Hollowell, Richmond, VA

Martha Fielding Green, Richmond, VA

Martha Prideaux, Richmond, VA

Marti Fann, Chesterfield, VA

Martin McFadden, LRPS, Richmond, VA

Mary Alice Shaker, Richmond, VA

Mary F. Vivo, Richmond, VA

Matt D. Ritchie, Glen Allen, VA

Matt Lively, Midlothian, VA

Meena Khalili, Columbia, SC

Meg Hargrave, Charlottesville, VA

Michael A. Pierce, Richmond, VA

Michael C. Roberts, Phoenix, AZ

Michael Holt, Washington, DC

Michael Kirk, New York, NY

Michael Willett, Richmond, VA

Michelle McGrath, Henrico, VA

Mikey Haas, Richmond, VA

Mim Golub, Richmond, VA

Miro Kirov, New York, NY

Mitzi Humphrey, Midlothian, VA

Nancy Willis Smith, New York, NY

Naomi Swyers, Midlothian, VA

Nathan Tersteeg, Richmond, VA

Nick Candela, Ruther Glen, VA

Nico Cathcart, Richmond, VA

Noah Scalin, Richmond, VA

ObscurO Jewelry, Richmond, VA

Patricia Isenhour, Suffolk, VA

Patrick Binks, Hampton, VA

Paul Reynolds, Lynchburg, VA

Paul Terrell, Moseley, VA

Perry Matthews, Richmond, VA

Pete Heiberger, Richmond, VA

R. Sawan White, Lincoln, RI

Rebecca D'angelo, Henrico, VA

Rebecca Hurt, Winchester, VA

Remee Gemo, Richmond, VA

Renée Rockoff, New York, NY

Renée Stramel, Henrico, VA

Reni Gower, Mechanicsvlle, VA

Robert Walz, Charles City, VA

Robert Wynne, N. Chesterfield, VA

Robin Lee Silberman, Richmond, VA

Ronni Saunders, Richmond, VA

Sabrina Cordovana, Midlothian, VA

Sallie Grant, Richmond, VA

Sally Babylon, Midlothian, VA

Sally Ryan Burgess, Richmond, VA

Sandhya Kiran, Gundlapochampally, Hyderabad, TS, India

Santa Sergio De Haven, Richmond, VA

Sarah Alicia Chay, Richmond, VA

Scott Ligon, Reminderville, OH

Scott McCarney, Rochester, NY

Sean Paul Mayfield, Richmond, VA

Sharon Crouse Chandler, Henrico, VA

Sharon J. Hill, Richmond, VA

Shaylen A. Broughton, Richmond, VA

Sherry Willis-Littlepage, Norfolk, VA

Sheryl Humphrey, Staten Island, NY

Sonia Limberis, Richmond, VA

Stephen Clark, Richmond, VA

Steve Ferretti, Richmond, VA

Sue Jachimiec, Richmond, VA

Susan Cary, Crozier, VA

Susan Gunn, Richmond, VA

Susan Iverson, Montpelier, VA

Susan Oknefski-Hamway, Glen Allen, VA

Susan Svendsen, Richmond, VA

Susan Van der Eb Greene, North Chesterfield, VA

Susanne K. Arnold, Richmond, VA

Suzanne Guppy, Johns Islans, SC

Sven S. Arenander, Richmond, VA

T. Michael Martin, Murray, KY

Tamara Privitera, Midlothian, VA

Tanya Rogish, Midlothian, VA

Tara Morand, Richmond, VA

Tarynn Madysyn Witten, Chesterfield, VA

Tere Hernandez-Bonet, Richmond, VA

Theodora Miller, Richmond, VA

Thompson, Richmond, VA

Tiffany Floyd, North Chesterfield, VA

Tiffany Glass Ferreira, Richmond, VA

Tom Monsees, New York, NY

Tracy Gill, Midlothian, VA

Tracy Herman, Richmond, VA

Vanessa Binder, Henrico, VA

Vanna Lam, Richmond, VA

Vickyle Payton, Richmond, VA

Virginia Tyack, Richmond, VA

Wesley Childress, North Chesterfield, VA

William Waggoner, Clinton, NJ

Yupin Pramotepipop, Brooklyn, NY

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