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Now Showing through April 20

artspace is pleased to present five new exhibitions opening on Friday, March 28th, 2014 from 7-10pm and continuing through Sunday, April 20th, 2014. The Opening Reception is Free and Open to the Public. A free Gallery Talk will be held with the artists on Sunday, April 20th

Katie Lynch Thibault presents The Body That Rises in the Main Gallery. Her ink & water-media drawings on paper and sculptural wall-based artworks draw on "structural elements from historical and model aircraft frames and schematics" and "explore...a human connection to the feats of engineering that grant our bodies access to the possibility of flight." The interaction between the two and three dimensional aspects of her work will be reinforced by the installation, suggesting "a workshop environment" whose "pieces hover in a space between construction and realization." Receiving her MFA from Ohio State University in 2005, she is currently a doctoral candidate in Media Art & Text at VCU. Thibault exhibits both nationally and internationally, has received numerous awards, grants and assistantships, and is currently a Resident Artist at the Arlington Arts Center.

Megan Zalecki and Will Solis present Presence, Absence in the Frable Gallery. Through photography and collage, they both explore human interaction with various kinds of environments, and the mark left on natural settings in human presence and absence. Megan Zalecki’s collages stem from tension and balance in terms of the environments she occupies. Using found images from discarded prints, typography catalogues and fashion magazines, Zalecki creates hybrid environments that combine urban and rural imagery with reality and fantasy. Megan Zalecki, whose reviews of area exhibitions are featured on Richmond Arts Review’s website and in Style Weekly Magazine, received a BFA in Painting from Radford University in 2012. Will Solis explores areas in Central Virginia that are empty and abandoned, forgotten by their former residents and now left untended. The objects left behind create suspended, unresolved narratives that offer more questions than answers and reveal a cultural and social past. Will received a BS in Photography and Environmental Studies from Radford University in 2012, graduating with a "strong desire to combine his passions to help improve the environment through prevention and awareness."

Christie Blizard returns to artspace with her exhibition The Walk Project in the Helena Davis Gallery. The Walk Project is a photo documentation of her newest integration of art into everyday life and environments. She engaged "non-performance or Sisyphean tasks" by taking extended walks through cities such as Lubbock, TX, Columbus, IN and Miami, FL, with a painting strapped to her back. Blizard sees her journeys as "a way to get the work out of the gallery space and surprise viewers that would not see it otherwise." An Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Blizard was a recent artist in residence at the SIM Artist Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland. She is "intrigued by the connective tissues between categories that don’t typically overlap: painting and performance, the heroic and unheroic and the public and private." Exhibiting internationally, her work was also recently featured in the September 2013 issue of Art in America.

Eva Rocha presents Fodder :: Beauty, a site-specific sculptural installation in our smallspace Gallery. A multimedia artist from Brazil, Rocha is interested in "the relationship between concrete cultural artifacts and the ephemeral individual." Her installation will feature sculptural figures with labored, mixed media surfaces; a visual discussion of a condition Rocha refers to as "the slavery of beauty." Her sculptures address society’s enforcement of a "consensual trap...that the natural process of growing old is a curse," as her works "explore tensions through both abstract emotional isolation and narrative representational visualizations." After receiving a VCU Interdisciplinary Studies Degree in 2002, she traveled to the Andes of Peru where she worked as a theater teacher and director for a comprehensive international school. Currently the Director of the Virginia Center for Latin American Art (VACLAA), Rocha’s work has been featured at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Museum of the Americas, and she has been profiled by Belle Magazine.

The Suzanne Foley Gallery will feature "Callbacks: Themes and Refrains," works in all media by Richmond artists.

Opening April 25, 2014

artspace is pleased to two new exhibitions opening on Friday, April 25th, 2014 from 7-10pm and continuing through Sunday, May 18th, 2014. The Opening Reception is Free and Open to the Public. A free Gallery Talk will be held with the artists on Sunday, May 18 at 2pm.

VCU MFA Craft/Material Studies Candidacy Students will exhibit works in a variety of media in "Where Words Are Not Enough" in the Main, Frable, Helena Davis and smallspace Galleries. The participating artists are Lucy Derickson, Hillary Fayle, Kelley Morrison, Evan Pomerantz, Amber Smith, Leigh Suggs and Christopher White.

"Where Words Are Not Enough" addresses "dissolution and evocation of memory, visual phenomena, communication lapses, shifting perspective and remembered experience." Understanding "there are times when written or spoken language is not the most effective method of communication," the MFA Candidates present their ideas through tactile, textured, labored surfaces.

Thematically similar but created with disparate materials, the works of Amber Smith, Hillary Fayle and Lucy Derickson address "extending the senses and transcending time and place" and "the evocation and dissolution of lost, haunting and comforting memories." Smith, of CA, re-imagines traditional items and furniture in ceramic, adjusting the viewer’s ability to interact with recognizable items. Fayle, of NY, creates atmospheric, delicate textile surfaces, with the layers of her process visible. Derickson, of MN, creates intricately crafted metal works that "activate memories by engaging the senses."

Leigh Suggs and Evan Pomerantz have concentrated their work on "the inadequacies of verbal communication and the times in which a phenomenon may only be experienced visually." Suggs, of NC, works with temptingly tactile surfaces: wrapped, curved, folded and labored. Pomerantz, of AZ, includes the evidence of his process in his works, gathering materials and completing repetitive actions to transform them into sacred objects.

Christopher White and Kelley Morrison both deal with "reality and perspective" in their current works. White, of IN, addresses "the gap between reality and farce" through use of materials in his sculpted landscapes created in clay and meticulously rendered. Morrison, of MN, addresses "story, memory, and the grey spaces in between" with his adorned, jeweled helmets. He invites the viewer to imagine the "personal mythology" of the owners of such objects of ornamentation.

The Suzanne Foley Gallery will feature "Made Up Of...manipulation of materials and intentions," works in all media by Richmond artists. This exhibition will explore the role of material and process informing the final artistic product.

March 28 - April 20, 2014

Katie Lynch Thibault

The Body That Rises

Main Gallery

Christie Blizard

The Walk Project

Helena Davis Gallery

Megan Zalecki and Will Solis

Presence, Absence

Frable Gallery

Eva Rocha

Fodder :: Beauty

smallspace Gallery

Callbacks: Themes and Refrains

work in all media by Richmond artists

Foley Gallery

Upcoming Exhibitions

April 25 - May 18, 2014

Where Words Are Not Enough

VCU MFA Craft/Material Studies Candidacy Exhibition

Main, Frable, Helena Davis and smallspace Galleries

Made Up Of...manipulation of materials and intentions

work in all media by Richmond artists

Foley Gallery

Opening Reception for the artists of "Where Words Are Not Enough" and "Made Up Of...manipulation of materials and intentions"
Fourth Friday, April 25, 2014
7:00-10:00 pm
Free and Open to the Public

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