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Now showing through 23, 2016

Richmond, VA - artspace is pleased to present five new gallery shows, featuring an exhibit from the Central Regional Virginia Art Education Association (CRVAEA), paintings by Ric Haynes, works in mixed media by Alice Anne Ellis and photographs by Jere Kittle. A group show featuring a variety of media will also be exhibited.

An Opening Reception for the Artists will take place on Fourth Friday, September 23, 2016, from 7:00-10:00pm and will be Free and Open to the Public. A closing artist talk will take place Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 2:00pm. This event will also be Free and Open to the Public.

The Main Gallery exhibition will feature the Central Regional Virginia Art Education Association's (CRVAEA) annual juried show, "Art Educator as Artist." This yearly exhibition presents artists who teach. It encourages art educators to continue to create their own art and to show their work in a professional gallery. It also allows students, family, friends and the general public to experience the artistry of art educators. The show will include drawings, paintings, sculpture, fiber arts, and photography. The work of Karen Siler, an elementary art educator from Henrico County Public Schools, will be featured this year. During the CRVAEA's recent Piankatank springtime retreat, Karen used the traditional Japanese Rakupottery process to create Raku Face, which "demonstrates the struggles art educators go through to be able to create their own work."

On view in the Helena Davis Gallery will be "Lost Geography and Other Places," paintings by Ric Haynes. "Maps and telescopes are fascinating tools that help explain reality," writes Haynes. "However when the hands of an explorer of imagination hold those tools the reality may be transformed into pure fiction. I am interested in creating locations where the clash of real and fantasy coexist." Haynes uses the term Lost Geography to describes a specific momentary memory of a place, which only resides in one’s soul. "The moment shown may be one of great beauty, enticing you to move closer," he says, "or may be a moment of terror causing you to run in fear for your life." When asked what kind of artist he is, Haynes explains his process. "I draw constantly and I'm very excited about drawing and how drawings evolve into larger ideas. Most often I use pencil on paper. Then I edit my drawings using an eraser, draw some more, edit and correct, get more ideas, and draw and draw until my dreams and fantasies evolve into a tangible, cognitive and sometimes surreal reality."

Showing in the Frable Gallery will be "Rending/Rendering," mixed media by Alice Anne Ellis. She writes: "My current body of work is about my memories of a visit to the "Big Island [of Hawai'i]," the most recently born from the sea." Her primary medium is pigmented ink on paper and panel. "Although I do have a particular place or object in mind when I begin, all I am concerned about initially is the movement of ink on the surfaces. What happens there sets the framework for how the image develops." She is influenced by a fascination with "sumie," Japanese ink painting, and the capacity of ink on paper to speak in many tones. "I find the challenges of combining multiple images and platforms very satisfying," she says. "The consequent push and pull between areas of the work prompts a continuing conversation between the surfaces. Originating in a fragment of memory, the final result is a melding of abstract pattern and depiction."

In smallspace Gallery, Jere Kittle will present photographs entitled "The Rock People - scenes from the Fall Line of the James." A collection of photographs taken at locations along the fall line of the James River in the heart of Richmond, VA, this is an ongoing project. There are many reasons Kittle goes to the falls of the James. "As a photographer, I consider myself primarily an observer of nature," Kittle writes. "For 'The Rock People' project, I turn my camera to the observers; the others, like me, who go down to the rocks and who, like me, find refreshment and renewal on the river. We share the understanding that this is a place where the important activity of doing nothing comes easy. This is a place where negative ions abound – released into the air as the water tumbles through fields of rocks calming the spirit and energizing the body with well being."

The Suzanne Foley Gallery will feature "Falling Into Line - explorations and evidence of the edge,"
a group show of works in a variety of media.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 12-4pm. Please contact the gallery administrator at artspaceorg@gmail.com, or phone the gallery at 804-232- 6464 for additional information. The gallery is located at Zero East 4th Street in Richmond, Virginia 23224, and online at artspacegallery.org.

Now Showing through October 23, 2016

Racu Face by Karen Siler"Art Educator As Artist"

Central Regional Virginia Art Education Association (CRVAEA)

Various Media
Main Gallery


Ferns Unfured by Alice Anne Ellis"Rending/Rendering"

Alice Anne Ellis

Mixed Media
Frable Gallery

"Devoted" by Ric Haynes"Lost Geography and Other Places"

Ric Haynes

Mixed Media Paintings
Helena Davis Gallery

"Untitled" by Jere Kittle"The Rock People: Scenes from the Fall Line of the James"

Jere Kittle

smallspace Gallery

Falling Into Line:

Explorations and evidence of the edge

Various Media
Suzanne Foley Gallery

Closing Artist Talks will be held Sunday, October 23, 2:00 pm
Free and Open to the Public

Future Exhibitions

October 28 - November 20, 2016

IF by John Terrell"Full Spectrum
Retrospective 2004-2015

John Terrell


Main, Helena Davis, Frable and smallspace Galleries

Color and Contour – Shaping the image

Works in All Media
Suzanne Foley Gallery

Past Exhibits

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