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Donors + Sponsors

artspace is run almost entirely by the volunteer work of our artists as well as members from the community at large.

2015-2016 Contributors
(Reflects contributions received July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016)

Maximalist $1,000 and above

Dana Frostick

Surrealist – $500-$999

Annette Norman
Brendan Hayes & Elaine Rogers
Carl Patow
Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman - In Memory of B/G Harry Chapman USAF
Dan Mouer and Robin Ryder

Renaissance Wo(man) – $250-$499

1212 Gallery 
Brigette Newberry
Catherine Johnson
Crossroads Art Center
Kroger Community Rewards
Jim Dow
Markel Corporation
Mary Jane Vaught

Romantic – $100-$249

Alice Southworth
Barbara House
Compass Rock at The Parachute Factory
Fountainhead Properties
Greg & Ruth Braun
Irene Ward
Judith Anderson
Kathleen Westkaemper
Kevin Thrasher
Kon Kons
Lou Ann Daniel
Mike and Peggy Sims
SP Parking
Williams & Sherrill

Classical Realist – $1-$99

Aaron Brown
Alice Anne Ellis
Annette Norman
Anne C. Savedge
Beth Beaven Jasper
Billy Bob Beamer
Carol Greaser
Cas Overton
David Locke
Dorothy M Carpenter
Ed Steinberg
Eugenia Borum
George & Nilsa Nan
Hill Gallery
Jane F. Keyser
John Ravenal
Kathleen Calhoun

Kay Franz
Kyujin Lee
Leigh Anne Chambers
Lew Lott
Linda Shields
Lisa Lezell Levine
Lorelle Rau
Margaret Bates
Margaret Wilkins
Marian Hollowell
Martin McFadden, LRPS
Mary Anne Hensley
Michael Noyes
Mitzi Humphrey - In Honor of Michael Pierce, Jessica Sims, & Dana Frostick
Nancy Bruce
Nancy Rice - In Honor of Kitty Johnson

Pam Turner
Patsy Pettus
Paul DiPasquale
Paul "Buddy" Terrell 
Peter & Jane Nardone
Ramona Krailler
Randi Newman HIll
Ronna (Ronni) Saunders
Santa De Haven
Tegan Stephen
Wendy DeGroat - In Honor of Alice Anne Ellis
Steven Rosenzweig & Susan Winchell
Studio Two Three
Total Wine

2014-2015 Contributors artspace
(Reflects contributions received July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.)

Surrealist – $500-$999

Kathleen Calhoun

Renaissance Wo(man) – $250-$499

Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman
Dan Mouer & Rob Ryder
Annette Norman
Jane Vaught

Romantic – $100-$249

Judith Anderson
Bob and Kelly Flanders
Karen Franz
Dana Frostick
Barbara House
Mitzi Humphrey
Catherine Johnson
Kyujin Lee
Doug Nickels
Irene Ward
Tom Via

Classical Realist – $1-$99

Kelly Alder
Linda Beers-Buie
Sukenya Best
Jim Black
Eugenia Borum
Greg Braun
David Bromley
Westwood Byrd
Rebecca Carle
Rob Carter
Adele Crowgey Castillo
Leigh Anne Chambers
Genesis Chapman
Ann Chenoweth
Anne Hart Chay
Diane Clement
Nic Cossitt
Duane Cregger
Ginna Cullen
Jessie De Haven
Tom & Santa De Haven
Douglas D’Urso
Cynthia Erdahl
Madison Fairburn
April V. Flanders
Tiffany Floyd
Andrea Greenwood Fontaine
Kate and Tim Freund
Donna Frostick
Sarah Frostick
Cindy Gantnier
Shannon Gilbert
Hamilton Glass
Dee Glazer
Laura Graham
Noelle Gray
Carol Greaser

Rosana Lopez Haugh
Trish Hayes
Amber Hendrix
Tracy Herman
Randi Newman Hill
Sharon Jones Hill
Laurie Hoen
Dolly Holmes
Kris Iden
Robin Janes
Wolfgang Jasper
Beth Beaven Jasper
Rosemary Jesionowski
Aimee Joyaux
Mike Keeling
Jere Kittle
Melanie Kluender
Cristian Antony Koshock
Greig Leach
Lisa and David Levine
Cecilia Lewis
Matt Lively
Lew Lott
Rachel Lott
Emma Lou Martin
Megan Mattax
Lisa Warren May
John MacLellan
Martin McFadden
Cave Metal
Jason Moore
Tara Morand
Lynn Murphy
Nick Murphy
Jenn Myer
George and Nilsa Nan
Brigette Newberry
Michael Noyes
Amie Oliver

Nikki Painter
Mark Pehanich
Patsy Pettus
Keithley Pierce
Michael A. Pierce
Michael-Birch Pierce
Kristin Polich
Keith Ramsey
Nancy Rice
Matt Ritchie
Eva Rocha
Tanya Rogish
Heidi Rugg
Diego Sanchez
Anne Savedge
Noah Scalin
Margaret Scott
Linda Shields
Jessica Sims
Mike & Peggy Sims
Jonpaul Smith
Megan Sommers
April Sopkin
Ed Steinberg
Henry James Stindt
Paul Terrell
Paul Teeples
Spencer L. Turner
Jake Urbanski
Meeshell Von Ofenheim
Kathleen Westkaemper
Dennis Winston
Betsy Yost
Kim Young
Megan Zalecki
Roman Zelgatas

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