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Artist Statement

"Piecing it Together"

In this body of work, I am concerned with our concept of the past, and how the nature of memory affects our perceptions, from person to person, and from time to time.

We rarely have access to a complete set of data, whether we are looking at a scene right now, or remembering an incident from the past. Shadows and corners, even our moods, obscure what we see. A new perspective yields a new set of data. The things we remember vary over time. Usually time makes them more vague, but sometimes an obscure incident becomes clear, years later -- or seems to. We reconstruct, reassess, piece it together.

Using ink on paper, I borrow from the tradition of patchwork to take apart, rearrange and create new works from fragments.

I am influenced by the composition and mark-making elements of Japanese sumie. Sean Scully is one of the many artists I find inspiring, particularly for the physicality of his work, and his belief in the "personal universal."

Visit: aliceanneellis.com

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